About game

The genre of collectible token games gives developers quite a freedom for creativity, for experiments with stories, art style, and game mechanics. One of the most prominent projects in this particular layer of the game culture is the upcoming CTG Altar: the War of Gods. It invites players to a fascinating and extravagant plot, gives amazingly beautiful and artistic visuals, involves in exciting board battles – in both the virtual and real worlds.

War for faith

The story behind Altar: the War of Gods may seem fantastic, strictly imaginary. Mostly, that’s true – but still, there is a wise core in the events around token matches, something interesting to think about.

Powerful creatures, gods from various real-world mythologies feel a lack of humans’ faith. There are not so many people around the globe, who still believe in personalities from ancient legends. That faith is a kind of energy that keeps all those gods alive and supports their might. Getting more faith is the reason for the War of Gods to happen, so it takes place on the game board.

Three players, two winning scenarios

Matches of this game happen on a hexagon board with many small internal hexagons to place playing pieces on.

Three players participate in one battle. The initial step for each of them is a potential sacrifice – players put a token to the central area, an altar. A winner of this match will be able to take all the tokens from the altar or to craft with them a new one.

To play the match, players get from their collections three tokens each. One by one, participants make their turns, placing a token to the entry point. These tokens are various creatures with three different battle actions. Each token can make a specific number of steps on the game board.

There are two ways to win a match in the Altar game:

  • by clearing the game board from all the other tokens – through battles with them.
  • by surrounding the central hexagon (the altar) with a specific number of your tokens.

The battling system for the Altar tokens is based on a random choice of one ability for both participants. The result depends on the comparison of them – so many outcomes are possible. The better your characters are balanced in the game, the more chances you have for winning separate fights and whole matches. Of course, a lot will depend on your strategy and available pieces. To get nice tokens from the very start of your playing experience, you can purchase special boosters with random characters within. The nearest opportunity to do so is the Caer Sidi Store. Bear in mind that store is open only for registered users.

Each match in Altar: the War of Gods is an opportunity to expand your token collection.

  • If you win by defeating all the opponents on the board, you will be able to take all the tokens from the altar to your collection.
  • If you achieve a victory in a bit harder way by surrounding the altar hexagon, you will be able to craft a token from a new pantheon.

Both winning scenarios allow taking prize tokens as they are, without risks of random crafting.

More details on the gameplay will be revealed later – don’t miss our Paracosm Digests with all the significant information.

Mighty creatures of Altar

The game is still in development but the alpha version will be ready for close testing quite soon. Right now, we can reveal a few in-game characters.

These creatures will enter the paracosm of Altar in the form of tokens. Here is a preview of such items:

There will be characters from many mythologies – to add varieties of regional cultures. The mentioned here creatures will represent their pantheons even at the alpha testing. Others will be added later. For example, entities from the Celtic mythology will be available only through the tabletop version of Altar. So they can enter the online game only after the release of the real-world one.