Our success at Crypto Games Conference

Altar at Crypto Games Conference - check out our short review of this event

The game Altar: the War of Gods is unique in many aspects. Players here are involved in the amazing plot and have lots of powerful deities in their armies to come up with effective tactics and strategies. But for some people, Altar is a prominent example of the practical use of the distributed ledger technology in the game industry. This feature is the basis for many amazing opportunities – and they were successfully demonstrated during the recent event, Crypto Games Conference in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Altar was one of just a few games there. Naturally, developers and business people were super interested in our product. We had many deep conversations about the possibilities of DLT – and of course, visitors of the conference eagerly jumped into the game matches.

To go deeper into the game mechanics, check out the guide “Altar: The Basics. Let’s Delve Into Gameplay.”

Thanks to our partnership with the Caer Sidi service, data on tokens of Altar is stored in the distributed ledger of Tangle. This supports the real-world value of digital items. Also, this technology allows connecting online and tabletop versions of Altar into one playing experience. Caer Sidi helps us to produce special phygital assets – if you have a physical version of the game, you can activate the same deities in your digital game.

At CGC, visitors participated in some exciting activities with a chance to win the phygital figurine of Champion from Caer Sidi. The prize has found its new owner.

If you are interested in playing Altar: the War of Gods, meet us at:

  • Internationale Spieltage SPIEL’19 on October 24-27, in Essen, Germany;
  • Game Connection Europe on October 29-31, in Paris, France.

The previous game event with the participation of Altar was Comic Con Ukraine.

Altar: the War of Gods is already available to try out – download the beta version from this page on Caer Sidi.

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