Altar at Comic Con Ukraine 2019

The game Altar: the War of Gods was presented at Comic Con Ukraine 2019

It’s nice to have online feedback about the alpha version of the game Altar. Still, it’s much better to meet players in real life and feel their reaction to both versions of our product: digital and tabletop. For having this direct contact, we participate in many gaming events, and recently, the stand of Wanted Games was present at Comic Con Ukraine 2019.

It was a great gathering. People with a common interest in comics, games, and geek culture make up a colorful, distinctive, and just extraordinary community. Two days of Comic Con Ukraine were a cheerful celebration. We are extremely happy to be part of it.

Please, take a look at a few photos, made at this event. They convey the general atmosphere quite well.

Have you noticed changes in the design of the tabletop Altar? Compare the photos with our reports from Igrofest 2019 and Kyiv Comics Fest 2019.

Of course, we’ve got not only emotions from participating in Comic Con Ukraine. We have collected quite a practical info about Altar: the War of Gods. It will help us to make the game better, to add to it all the necessary details, and just polish everything to the level of perfectness. Thank you guys for your interest in our game.

Let us remind you that Altar is published by our partners from Paracosm Project, so its alpha version is available on the site The physical tabletop version of Altar is in active preparations for the upcoming release – follow our social pages to not miss the news.

To have a detailed explanation of the current online gameplay, check out the article “Altar: The Basics. Let’s Delve Into Gameplay.”To meet us (and Altar) in reality, visit the boardgame trade fair SPIEL ‘19 on 24-27 October, in Essen, Germany. We will be present there together with Paracosm Project and their innovative service Caer Sidi that merges tabletop and online games into one exciting playing experience.