Altar’s adventures at Essen Spiel ’19

You know that one of the funniest things about making games is to meet the people that… actualy play your games. Because all you are thinking about it – is totaly wrong in the most cases!

All the time while making Altar: the War of Gods “duet” we thought that the main product we are doing – is a digital version of the game BUT(!) Essen Spiel showed us the real potential of Altar’s tabletop version. People told us “It is so fun! Why you are not on the Kickstarter?” or “How can I back you?” or even “Please, take my money – I need this two boxes.” That was much-much pleasure to see burning eyes while the game testing and how curious was to look on the reactions on our assets-transfer-mechanism.

The last sentence needs to be explained for sure. The main idea is that we can transfer some assets from real world to virtual world with the same environment. In Altar this mechanism works like:

  1. You get a board game and unpack it.
  2. In the box you find some amount of playing tokens of mythological deities.
  3. Find your Gods: Mannannan, Morrigan and Cernunnos
  4. You take your smartphone with NFC-reader and scan the chosen tokens.
  5. Your devise will get a link and transfer you to activation page: tap “Activate” to get all the armies, that you have in the board game, to your Caer Sidi accaunt.
  6. Enter your account in the game Altar: the War of Gods and all the assets are already in your collection! Gather armies, play, collect!

And if you are a lucky owner of Amaterasu hand-painted mini, you can also scan it and get some special bonuses. Look, how beauty it is!

The flow is not so complicated or new or strange but all the technology, provided by Caer Sidi service has caused positive emotions and surprise to our booth visitors! You can also replay it when the newest build of digital game will be lounched for testing.