Altar’s Alpha is launched!

Altar's Alpha Release

We have some astounding news for you: Altar’s Alpha is launched! In the last few months our team has been working tirelessly to make it happen. Today we are proud to present the results of our efforts.  

Changes in the build


  • Tutorial part without the possibility to choose the fraction.
  • It was not possible to assemble a pool of armies.
  • Demonstration gameplay


  • Now the player can choose between tutorial and game mode.
  • The player can form his/her own pool of armies
  • Gameplay

New features and achievements

  • Game mode where the player is offered to choose one of three pantheons and play for any god available.
  • Menu of Armies allows the player to form his/her own pool of armies, which reveals the functionality of collecting armies of a particular pantheon. This mechanics shows the player that in the future there will be added new units, new pantheons. Сonsequently, for each pantheon there is an opportunity to create a unique list of the army – and set out on a battle.
  • Updated graphics in high resolution – we follow the trends so our graphics is now in 4k.
  • Updated game rules for more maneuvers on the battlefield.
  • Situational game dialogues, telling the player about his/her decisions on the battlefield.
  • We have optimized the build and achieved the performance of up to +20%.
  • Fixed bugs in the gameplay part, the game became a way more interesting.

Technological innovations

  • The Altar is the 1st product connected to the Caer Sidi platform
  • Game Boosters – the player will be able to buy Caer Sidi Coins for the Starter Pack as well as Game Boosters on the website and then open them in the game.

And this is not the end. We’ve already planned a number of cool features for the next update.

Features planned in the next upgrade

  • Adding game animation
  • Development of unique abilities for each game unit
  • Release of a new pantheon of gods
  • Integration of the player’s Caer Sidi personal account into the game
  • Adding a game launcher for consolidation of Caer Sidi products

Stay tuned and let the game begin!