Aztec Pantheon: Wilderness and Bloodthirsty

There are different attitudes to the strategy in the game “Altar: the War of Gods”. They are mostly based on the choice of the primary pantheon. If you prefer to have mighty and wild characters in your collection, consider taking tokens with deities from Mesoamerica – the Aztec Pantheon.

Let’s take a closer look at these in-game creatures to make a general impression about this particular set of tokens.

Also, check out the guide “First steps in the game: Choose your Pantheon”. It can help with building your starting strategy.

Harsh environment of Mesoamerica

There is an opinion, that all the religions have a very similar core message but it takes various shapes depending on many external circumstances. That core message becomes coated in layers of legends and explanations, which have a strong flavour of a region, where this form of religion came from

Indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica lived in quite a harsh environment, so their beliefs reflect such life circumstances. Their deities are mostly mighty and even aggressive creatures, that represent the nature of those lands, wild animals around, and even rather unfriendly relationships between local nations.

Aztec deities in Altar

Although the information about gods of the Aztec pantheon is very limited (due to historical reasons), modern science still knows lots of deities from that culture. Of course, we can’t add all of them to our collectible token game. In fact, the starting set of characters here is limited, but we plan to expand it in the future.

Quetzalcoatl (Feathered Serpent) – one of the most worshiped Aztec deities. His appearance (feathers) represents the divine ability to fly, potentially reaching other worlds, and also he is a serpent, what represents his “down-to-Earth” nature. Quetzalcoatl is a god of wind, wisdom, science, and learning, a creator of the world, humans, and culture. Quetzalcoatl is a primary token of the Aztec pantheon, he is a god. The following characters are additional entities, the army of Quetzalcoatl. They help him to win battles for the faith of people.

Topiltzin – the high priest of Quetzalcoatl, a real personality that became legendary, directly associated with his deity. Topiltzin was a ruler of some regions, a prominent religious leader.

Chacmool – an unusual statue of lying human, with a special stand to make various religious offerings. Such statues are located in many places throughout Mesoamerica. There are stories about hearts of enemies, which people offered to their deities through Chacmool.

Vision Serpent – a mythical creature, mostly a serpent, but there also is a human that appears from the serpent’s mouth. According to legends, Vision Serpent knows everything, so priests touched his figure to get a kind of sacral vision for their ceremonies.

The best way to try out the real spirit of tokens with these characters is to take them into your game and to feel them in matches. Still, the best first step to fall in love with the Aztec Pantheon is to feel sympathy for them “at first sight”, to like their visual appearances and the whole atmosphere around them.
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