People of ancient Mesoamerica believed in personalized forces of nature. The environment of this region is rather harsh so deities of the Aztec pantheon are the same wild and powerful. They reflect the difficulties of surviving in those places and qualities of a human for succeeding there. Take these tokens to your game and smash opponents with an amazing, uncompromising might.

Cults of deities from the Aztec pantheon were located all over Mesoamerica. Indigenous people of those places followed even bloody rituals, often sacrificing lives of their enemies to satisfy bloodthirsty gods. Their traditions were shaken significantly with the appearance of Europeans. A technically better-developed civilization brought new rules and new beliefs. The cultural heritage of Aztecs was almost drowned in the flood of this invasion from overseas.

Still, memories about Mesoamerican gods aren’t disappeared totally. From remained pieces of information, we know quite a lot about Quetzalcoatl, Feathered Serpent, one of the most worshiped deities in this region. He is a creator of the world and humans. Prominent personalities of the Aztec Pantheon include Topiltzin, the high priest that evolved from a real man to a legendary deity, Vision Serpent, a creature that gives a deep vision of subtle worlds, Chacmool, known in his form of a statue for sacrifices, and many other authentic characters. Some of them are already present in the tokens collection of the game Altar: the War of God and this variety is going to grow in the future.

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