Assets of Altar: Purchase Now

The team of Paracosm Project launches a few products: a web-portal Caer Sidi, CrossParacosmic VR Hub, the game “Altar: the War of Gods”.

The game “Altar: the War of Gods” is almost ready to be revealed to the public. Meanwhile, some digital and real-world assets of Altar are already available in the store of

Our partnering company, Paracosm Project has released an alpha version of the web-portal Caer Sidi, and Altar is one of the starting products there. Friends, we invite you to visit the Caer Sidi Store and check out the available offers of “Altar: the War of Gods”.

During the first week after the release of Caer Sidi Alpha, Altar assets are available with discounts. In this post, we are describing those offers.

The store section of Caer Sidi contains various digital, physical, and phygital objects. Paracosm Project suggests to buy or pre-order figures from the Post Scriptum universe, booster packs for Altar and Post Scriptum CTG, Caer Sidi Credits and Paracosm Keys.

Altar Starter Pack

To get the full power of Altar tokens from the very start of your experience in the game, buy this Starter Pack. It contains characters from three pantheons:

  • Aztec
  • Japanese
  • Indian

Some more details on these pantheons and also some hints for beginners are given in the guide “First steps in the game: choose your pantheon”.

Starter Pack of the game Altar: the War of Gods includes tokens with characters from three basic pantheons: Aztec, Japanese, and Indian.

Booster Pack for “Altar: the War of Gods”

Powerful tokens make up strong in-game armies and help players to get glorious victories. There is a possibility to craft new playing pieces in the game – by surrounding the Altar on the board. The other way to expand your token collection is purchasing special Booster Packs.

Each Booster Pack for “Altar: the War of Gods” contains three random tokens.

Tabletop version of the game

Paracosm Project, our partner and publisher of Altar, creates a portal that mixes realities, uniting online and real-world games into one exciting experience. Thank to the Paracosm platform and Caer Sidi service, we are able to connect the digital and tabletop versions of Altar.
By getting the real-world game, you will be able to activate deities of Celtic pantheon. These tokens are included to the tabletop game “Altar: the War of Gods”, and their digital copies are available only through this activation.

The game Altar: the War of Gods offers a combined and interconnected experience of the online and real-world version. With the tabletop game Altar, players get a unique Celtic pantheon.

The online version of “Altar: the War of Gods” is also here – for you guys, to try out. Please notice, this is a very early version of the game, so it’s pre-alpha testing. Your feedback is super meaningful, it will help to make Altar better.