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Hey Legends! We have a great news for you – our BLOG is there!

As you all know The Altar is still in the work-in-process-phase. At the same time, the development is so exciting, multifaceted and interesting that its author and creator Olia wants to speak about it before the final launch.

We are sure that there are lots of you out there – talented, curious, bold and agile daydreamers – wishing to create your own game. Today you might be lacking experience, skills, budget or even knowledge, BUT your unstoppable desire will lead you to your goal!

For such enthusiasts, we start a series of posts in which we’ll gradually and consistently tell you how it’s all working at Altar. We’ll share everything we know and everything we’ve learned so far. Together we’ll look at the project through the eyes of the product owner and consider all the pitfalls of game development.

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