First steps in the game: Choose your Pantheon

Starter Pack of the game Altar: the War of Gods includes tokens with characters from three basic pantheons: Aztec, Japanese, and Indian.

The success of your in-game army is not based strictly on the strength of individual tokens. A kind of balance in the abilities of your creatures is needed to defeat opponents regularly. And also, a kind of harmony between your playing style and your collection of tokens is needed – to lead the virtual creatures to the victory in the most efficient way possible.

Here is a short guide on choosing your pantheon for the game Altar: the War of Gods.

Let everything be pleasant and interesting for you

The reasons for this war of gods might be super serious, but that seriousness is only for gods themselves – players may just have fun in the game Altar. It would be nice if that fun begins from the choice of the primary pantheon.

There are three sets of tokens for owners of Starter Packs from the Caer Sidi Pre-Sale. Other players will get one pantheon at the start of the game (Aztec) and another one after finishing the tutorial (Japanese). The third pantheon is available as an in-game purchase (Indian). Other pantheons may appear in the game in the future.

It’s nice to observe the creatures in your pantheons – they are not just numbers and abilities. They have a kind of characters, and it would be super good if their images and personalities find a response in your gaming heart. After all, in the game, you are going to help these creatures to get the attention of people, to get the income of energy.

  • Aztec deities are mighty, wild, rather aggressive. They are like embodiments of all those difficulties surrounding aborigines of Mesoamerica – super harsh natural environment, bloodthirsty predators all around, constant fights for surviving.
  • Japanese pantheon combines external might and internal calmness. They embody the very spirit of the Japanese culture, which includes following a strict discipline, constant self-control. At the same time, there is a lightning might that hits enemies at a well-chosen moment and with astonishing effectiveness.
  • Indian gods are unique. They have deep wisdom, they keep internal harmony. Still, at some moments, they become wild, allow themselves to show uncontrollable aggression. There is something from the unpredictable, immensely powerful, and at the same time an absolutely tranquil nature in them.

Three steps for choosing your pantheon

We recommend following this advice to get the max joy in the game Altar. This includes the joy of victories and being a successful player in building your in-game collection.

  1. Check out the images. It would be great if you like the creatures and their tokens visually. The images of deities represent their characters quite well.
  2. Feel a pantheon in the game. Those characters you like visually should be effective in the game battles. That effectiveness depends mostly on characteristics of these tokens, but also the role of your personality is quite significant. Only practice can prove whether you are in harmony with this particular pantheon or not.
  3. Try out other pantheons – just in case. Give other in-game creatures a chance to prove themselves. Maybe they don’t look perfect for you from the first glimpse. Maybe you have found really great virtual deities. Still, don’t be stuck to your first decision, and try out other pantheons before finally concentrating your attention on one and the only army of tokens.

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Another attitude in the game

Instead of using one set of tokens, players may pay enough attention to all the pantheons. On the one hand, such a strategy will slow down your progress in developing each particular group of creatures. On the other hand, thus you will be able to get diverse playing experience, feel the spirit of each mythology.

The world around us is full of changes, and the game Altar: the War of Gods is also changing time after time. New creatures appear, bringing something fresh to in-game balance. It would be clever to check out the evolution of Altar time after time by taking to your match an unusual pantheon – it’s a nice method to not become bored in the game and to perceive it from different angles. Also, with such changes of your attitude, you will be able to feel the game from the position of your usual opponents (you take their pantheons) – and this may give some ideas for your own playing tactics.

Anyway, the best advice for any stage of the game is to enjoy the process. Your internal satisfaction is primary over other in-game achievements.

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