Indian Pantheon of Altar: Balance and Harmony

Deities of Hinduism are unique in many ways. They are ancient and at the same time they have lots of active devotees. They look so fantastic and still the legends about them carry deep knowledge about our world. These amazing characters can add many shades of power to your token collection – a combination of external strength and internal harmony makes the in-game army well-balanced.

The Indian pantheon is described in this article. Consider using these tokens in your matches of “Altar: the War of Gods”. More information on the starting strategy is given in the post “First Steps In The Game: Choose Your Pantheon”.

A country of wisdom

It’s well known that India is a country of amazing spiritual wisdom. Many people turn their views to it whilst looking for ways to eternal truth. This happens nowadays and such was a situation many centuries ago. The modern civilization has changed India a lot, and still, this country remains a source of great philosophy and effective practical methods of self-realization.

Deities of Indian pantheon is an embodiment of this wisdom. They are not all perfect in every aspect. Like the very spiritual knowledge of India, which is immensely deep, multi-faceted, and multi-layered, Indian gods have complicated characters and express themselves so differently – sometimes with calmness and sometimes with bursts of focused aggression.

This may be exactly what you need from tokens of the game Altar. Indian pantheon gives nice opportunities for building your in-game strategy and win the War of Gods.

Indian deities in Altar

From an amazing variety of Indian mythological personalities, we’ve chosen the following few to be added to the game from the start.
Deities from Mesoamerica are described in the article “Aztec Pantheon: Wilderness And Bloodthirsty”.

Indra – a king of heaven, a god of lightning and thunder, storm and rain. He is a powerful warrior who can smash opponents with his ability to control the storm. The token of Indra is a primary one, a god token. Take it to Altar matches with supporting tokens of entities.

Apsaras – spirits of water and clouds in the form of beautiful women. These creatures support art, especially dance, sculpture, literature, and painting. They often seduce men, trying to knock them off the right path.

Gandharvas – male spirits, some legends call them companions of Apsaras. Gandharvas are exceptional musicians and singers. They deliver messages of gods to humans.

Maruts – mighty warriors, spirits of the storm. Their tokens will power up the overall strength of your virtual army.

Other deities may be added to Indian pantheon in the future. Follow the official social pages of the game “Altar: the War of Gods” to not miss out interesting updates.