Throughout the centuries, wise men of India tried to peer deep into the core of a human being and the whole Universe. They understood the greatest of knowledge and weaved it into Indian mythology. They discovered various internal and external energies and personalized them with many deities. Tokens of this pantheon will add both calm harmony and bursting power to your in-game collection.

Beliefs of Indian people are quite varied, but they have a common distinguishing feature – they survived the influence of global religions, keeping a dominant status in their region. Nowadays, lots of Indian people follow traditions of their ancestors, and some branches of Hinduism are well-known worldwide.

Indian mythology contains a huge amount of sacral texts. They are philosophical treatises that reach amazing depths of eternal wisdom. At the same time, they are a kind of collection of rules for daily life or teachings for further generations. Most of the information about Indian deities reached us in the form of fascinating tales and epic legends. The Indian pantheon is vast, it includes such characters as Indra, a king of heaven, god of lightning and storm, as Apsaras, spirits with the appearance of extremely beautiful women, musicians of Indra, as Maruts, violent deities of a storm, as Gandharvas, male spirits, divine singers. Get tokens of these and other personalities within the Indian pantheon of Altar. Check out the collection regularly to not miss out the newcomers.

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