The mythology of Japan perceives the world as a living being, where each and every small thing has its individual soul, consciousness. Humans should find a harmonical way of co-existence with everything around. Sometimes this asks for calmness and cautious. Some other situations are rather a demand to prove your strength and lightning reaction. Such an attitude is reflected in the personalities of Japanese deities and their tokens in the game Altar.

Shinto is a traditional religion of Japan. There are some theories that this complex of beliefs came from the continental territories, but still, with the time flow, Shinto settled in Japan, becoming an official religion for some period. Then, the powerful influence of Buddhism changed the situation, taking a dominant role. Nevertheless, Shinto is very common in modern Japan.

The basis of this religion is seeing spiritual life in everything around. A universal soul penetrates all the layers of reality and gets a personified form as various deities of the Japanese pantheon. Amaterasu is a goddess of the Sun and the whole Universe, she is one of the most significant figures of Japanese mythology. In the same pantheon, you can meet Basan, a giant rooster that breathes fire, Ungaikyo, a mirror spirit that shows distorted reflections if people look at it, Miko Azusa , pretty girls with sacral bows that take care of Amaterasu temples. Of course, the whole list of the Shinto deities is big. Many of these characters can enter your digital collection as tokens of the game “Altar: the War of Gods”.

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