Japanese Pantheon of Altar: Diversity and Combinatorics

Traditions of the religion Shinto are wide spread all over Japan, and many people follow these rituals even without considering themselves as shintoists. There are lots of amazing characters, connected to this Japanese mythology – mostly, they are personalized energies of our universe, forces of nature that surround us.

The game “Altar: the War of Gods” offers deities of Shinto in the form of tokens from Japanese pantheon. To get them into the in-game collection, players should complete the starting tutorial.

The lore of our collectible token game is described in the article “Battles Of Altar. Reasons For War”.

Life is all around you

There are different ways to feel the surrounding reality. From the ancient times, some people feel alive souls in everything, be it an animal, a plant, or a rock. Everything is part of one holistic world, including us, human beings.

One of the distinguishing features of Shinto is conducting detailed, well thought-out rituals, where every action is planned beforehand, so participants need just to follow the plan. The most helpful abilities of Japanese tokens in the game Altar are of the same kind. Take them into your matches to add clever combinatorics to your in-game strategy.

Does Japanese pantheon suit your playing style? We invite you to read our guide “First Steps In The Game: Choose Your Pantheon”.

Japanese deities

Shinto beliefs give an alive personality even to objects, which often are not perceptible for our senses. Some of these deities are rather subtle energies that have quite a real impact on our lives. Other Japanese deities represent nature powers: the Sun, wind, or storm – worshiping them is present in many other religious traditions.

These characters from the Japanese pantheon have been added to the tokens collection in Altar.

Amaterasu – the goddess of the Sun and the whole Universe, even her name means “shining in heaven”. The cult of Amaterasu is ancient, and still many people worship her nowadays. A token of this deity has some interesting moves and abilities to power up your army in game matches.

Basan – a giant rooster that breathes fire. This fire is unusual, it doesn’t burn because of its ghost nature, so the fire of Basan scares immensely, making no other harm. Legends say that this mystic rooster appears at nights, invisible for humans eyes.

Ungaikyo – a mirror spirit, who can transform the reflection by his will. People can see perverted versions of themselves and their mind can be affected by this tricky attack.

Miko Azusa – servants in temples of Amaterasu. These young and beautiful girls have special bows in their hands to protect sacral rituals.

We are going to add new Japanese god and entity tokens in the future – the same like with the pantheons from Mesoamerica and India.

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