Altar at Kyiv Comics Fest 2019

Players try the real-world version (prototype) of the collectible token game Altar: the War of Gods

For the first time ever, the real-world prototype of the game “Altar: the War of Gods” has been presented to the public. Wanted Games participated in Kyiv Comics Fest 2019 that took place in the Ukrainian capital, on the 11th of May.

Thanks to the partnership with Paracosm Project, the studio Wanted Games will deliver the online version of Altar as an exclusive on the Paracosm platform. The alpha release is planned for Q2-Q3 of this year.

Visitors of Kyiv Comics Fest 2019 got a chance to try the physical copy of Altar – of course, in its prototype state. At this event, the game passed through a kind of testing session, where we were able to make research on:

  • age groups, the most interested in Altar;
  • better match length, depending on different variants of the rules;
  • general reaction of the players.

Still, the primary reason for us to participate in Kyiv Comics Fest 2019 was the opportunity to see people playing our game, feel their alive emotions, getting their ideas and expectations on the final version. We are proud to inform that people really like Altar. This is the best motivation for us to move forward.

Here are some of our other observations – they are very useful for the game development. Impressions and in-game strategies are a bit different for different age groups.

  • Players of 30+ years old take more time for making their moves. They looked carefully for the best strategy and tried to defeat their gods, attacking opponents rather slowly and cautiously.
  • The younger audience tried to act quickly, to surround the altar. Often these players forgot about the gods, the main tokens of opponents.

We’ve noticed how scrupulous some players were while choosing their pantheons. Surprisingly, some people believed in a freshly-made superstition – if mix ability stones in the cup by your right hand, this may help to get a glorious victory.

All the feedback from our testers is recorded, so we are going to use this information for the further development.

Thank you, guys. Many of your great ideas can be implemented even in potential future products of the Wanted Games studio.

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