Altar is exclusive for the Paracosm platform

The game “Altar: the War of Gods” will be available exclusively through the platform of our partner – Paracosm Project. We at the Wanted Games company are glad to become the first 3rd-party developer on the Paracosm platform, and we are full of enthusiasm to bring a great experience to players and the users of the Caer Sidi service.

Let’s take a look at some of the points, where we have found perfect synergy with Paracosm Project.

The technology of distributed registry

It’s rather crucial for a collectible game to protect valuable in-game pieces and to give players enough proofs of their ownership rights. It’s not cool at all to spend many hours to form an amazing tokens collection and lose everything suddenly because of some fraud. The game Altar will be built on the base of the distributed registry, which effectively prevents such situations. DRT makes you a real owner of your Altar tokens and guarantees the safety of trading operations. Thanks to DRT, each token of our game will keep information about its origins and the whole history.

The Paracosm platform is also built on the base of DRT (Tangle), so the integration of our products is an excellent solution, a win/win situation. The Caer Sidi service will allow to manage internal transactions of Altar and also to make connections with universes of other games.

The technology of Cross-Reality

Modern gaming gives developers so many possibilities to expand their product to many dimensions of our world. It’s a great area to free our imagination and offer gamers something special, extraordinary. Paracosm Project has in its core such progressive technologies as VR, AR, and Cross-Reality, so games with such features have some significant advantages on the platform.

Altar: the War of Gods will be able to bring you an astonishing experience of Cross-Reality. Our game will be available in its digital and tabletop versions, and the real-world tokens will be tightly connected to their digital copies. We are going to reveal more information about Cross-Reality of Altar in the future – check out the posts on our official site.

Our game will be among many paracosms in CrossParacosmic VR Hub – we invite you to visit this portal and start your Altar adventures from there.

Starter Packs with three pantheons of Altar were added to the Pre-Sale event of our partners – we are happy to inform that most of these gaming bundles are successfully sold out. Thanks for your interest in the game, dear friends.