Battles of Altar. Reasons for War

Being a mighty god doesn’t mean to be a bloodthirsty creature and spend time in endless battles. So why do all those in-game characters start fighting each other on the playing board of Altar: the War of Gods?

Let’s take a look at the story behind the game. It’s ever so fascinating to know the origins of our virtual adventures, reasons for the strategic war of collectible tokens.

What do you believe in?

Faith of people can create miracles – mostly in life of those people. There is a strong opinion that subtle energy flows in the same direction as your thoughts do. Whatever attracts our attention becomes stronger in our personal world, and lots of significant, life-changing decisions can be made on the base of this theory.

Common faith of many people is a super powerful energy. If we let our imagination fly, some ancient creatures may become clear in our internal visions. They live in the dimension of thoughts and energies. When we can’t touch something, this doesn’t mean those things aren’t real.

Who told that gods of ancient mythologies don’t exist? Their time of prosperity might be in the past – not so many people nowadays believe in them and give them enough energy. To feel the comfortable might again (like in blessed old times), ancient gods fight each other – for the faith of people, for their attention and energy.

The armies of gods

In the game Altar: the War of Gods, players are even mightier than virtual gods. You choose a pantheon to support and make stronger. You lead the tokens of various creatures to battles, coming up with strategies for a particular match and for the whole process of building your in-game collection.

Not everyone (if someone) can peer into the subtle dimensions and feel how strong or weak the “real” gods are. But you can open your in-game inventory of Altar and check out the situation with your army of tokens. The more time and efforts you put in the development of a pantheon, the stronger and better balanced it becomes.

Choose virtual gods you like better and give them your energy – take their tokens to the game matches as often as possible. The War of Gods is all about our attention, so whom would you like to support?

To make a thought-out decision, please check out the information about these three pantheons:

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