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Phygital tokens of Celtic deities in the tabletop game Altar: the War of Gods

The process of developing our game Altar: the War of Gods is up and running. Now, we have great news to share with you, guys. The studio Wanted Games participated in the world’s biggest event for board games – SPIEL‘19. There, we presented the tabletop version of Altar.

It was so amazingly great to be among the best companies in the industry. And it was even greater to feel the sincere interest in our product of the market players and, most importantly, of the visitors.

The first batch of tabletop Altar: the War of Gods consists of 50 games. All of them include innovative phygital tokens, powered by our publishing partner, Caer Sidi. Also, we’ve put some surprises in random boxes – check out the details in this post.

And the best news is – you have a chance to buy the tabletop version of Altar in the store of Caer Sidi. Just follow the link and make your purchase. The current stock is limited, but we plan to manufacture new sets in the near future.

Celtic pantheon

Let’s start with the biggest difference in the tabletop game – in comparison to the online version. Here, you will have deities from the Celtic mythology, three gods and nine supportive entities:

  • Manannan and his army: Selkie, Merrow, and Draky;
  • Morrigan and her army:: Fachan, Dark Dragon, and Raven;
  • Cernunnos and his army: Nemeton, Alraune, Green Ladies.

The online game contains three other pantheons: Aztec, Japanese, and Indian. To add Celtic characters, you should buy the tabletop version and use the magic of cross-reality. Three tokens of Celtic gods are phygital. Bring Manannan, Morrigan, and Cernunnos close to your smartphone (with enabled NFC option) and you will get armies of these deities into your Caer Sidi inventory. Transferring them to the game will be possible a bit later – we are currently polishing this feature.

One more thing to remember – to get digital tokens, you should log in to your Caer Sidi account.

Of course, you can enjoy the tabletop game without any accounts at all. Each box contains a detailed instruction to make your playing sessions joyful to the max.

The online game Altar: the War of Gods is in the stage of open beta testing right now. You might be interested in the article “Altar: The Basics. Let’s Delve Into Gameplay.”

Token battles in the real world

There are two ways to win a match of Altar: by defeating the god token of the opponents or by placing your tokens onto special spots around the altar in the middle of the playing board. For both winning scenarios, it would be almost impossible to avoid battles of in-game characters. In the online version, results are determined by our random numbers generator. What’s the alternative in the tabletop version?

Game boxes contain colorful “stones” for attacks (red), attacking abilities (yellow), defense (dark blue), and defending abilities (light blue). Put a specific number of the stones (it depends on the battling tokens) into the special bag, mix them, and take one random. Its color is the battle result.

With tabletop Altar, we have two surprises for you:

  1. Yes, the tokens have attacking and defensive abilities. This feature will be implemented in the online game too.
  2. Some tabletop games have stones of unusual colors. You can get one of the following sets (or something else): dragon, rainbow, black and white, transparent, and nature.

So, what do you think? Would you like to get your physical version of Altar with the technological innovation of phygital tokens? Then buy Altar: the War of Gods in Caer Sidi Store. Each purchase is the support of the development process.

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