The Altar was presented at the Igrofest 2019

Altar's board game chip

Games brighten up people’s lives, while Game festivals brighten up the lives of game makers. We are no exception.

On the 13th of July this year, the team of Altar and its publishing company Wanted Games visited the Festival of board games “Igrofest” in Kamianets-Podilskyi (Ukraine). 

The festival serves as a social activity, organized by Mr. Meeple’s club. It unites local game and comic book stores, game publishers, as well as enthusiasts, bringing board games from their collections.

Wanted Games presented the board version of the Altar: the War of Gods. Having seen how the inspired gamers were playing the Altar we also conducted a poll, asking which Pantheon they liked to play for. The distribution was as follows: 

  • 42% chose Shinto
  • 37% liked to play for the Aztecs 
  • 21% went for Hinduism

We guess that the audience’s preferences are caused by a number of factors: there were many adult fans of comic books, manga, and anime – explaining the choice of Shinto Pantheon, while the majority of male players voted for the Aztecs.

We wonder, what are the preferences of the video-version-players;)