Win cool prizes from Аltar

Win cool prizes from Аltar

Play, think, give your feedback and win cool prizes from collectible token game Аltar: the War of Gods.

As you might know from the previous news, Altar is already available for our loyal fans and our small but quite active initiative gaming community.

What pre-alpha is?

As we can find out from Wiki, pre-alpha version applies all the activities that are performed during development before its formal testing. In other words, pre-alpha is some kind of gaming Frankenstein, that just started walking. It’s already alive through its skin is not grown together and sometimes it stumbles and falls. So this is about our game at the moment.

  • Comment your honest and sincere feedback about the gaming design and usability under this post on Facebook:

The prizes will be shown and announced this week. Check out our updates and be sure, your efforts will meet your expectations. The winner with the most interesting feedback will be chosen on 20.06.2019.

Have fun with our game, participate in the development process and may the power of the gods be with you.